Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Margaret my love,
Please move closer.
I have plucked my horny manhood
out of my favorite boxer.
I want to make you wet before
nailing the middle of your 
beautiful legs.
If you want me to sell my land or buy you a brand new car afterwards,
I will do it.

Margaret my love.
Remove your bra from your breasts
before I rest in your fleshy nest.
If we delay,
My wife may open the door and
find us making love on the floor.
I want to taste your lips before the
kids wake up from from their sleep.
if you'll want me to marry you afterwards,
I'll do it

Margaret my love,
You whose fart has the scent of
fresh vanilla ice cream.
I want us to make love the
missionary way.
Spread your sumptuous legs I beg.
Skirt your arms around my
sweating neck.
Whatever it is that you want,
take it the missionary way my love.


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